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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Are You Ready To Get Pimpin'?

Tomorrow is the big day!  We begin our "Weekly Pimp-Out/Showcase" Hop for all things crafty.  We have so many sponsors lined up for the weeks to come. 

Deezy Does It! will pimp-out/showcase one blogger and a sponsor per week.  The spotlighted blogger will present a project and talk a little about themselves as well as the project. 

Deezy Does It! will also host a "pimp my blog" section for our followers to "pimp" their blogs too.  With the help of inlinkz you are able to link your blog's "url" and add your blog to the listings.  Visitors will choose to visit and become a follower to at least 3 blogs from the linked list.  Not only do you have a chance to win "weekly" blog candy you will also receive new followers on your blog. 

If you are interested in being "Pimped-Out/Showcased" please contact me for a date.  All submissions need to be in by Wednesday, a week before your scheduled Pimp-Out/Showcase post date, 8pm est.

You may contact me if you're interested in sponsoring "blog candy" for a "Pimp-Out/Showcased" Hop!

Winner for the week will be selected by and announced on the Wednesday following the "pimp-out/showcase" post.

"L'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle" "The love that moves the sun and the other stars" (Eat Pray Love)

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  1. excited to be part of the blog hop. now to decide on a project!!