Deezy Does It!: June 2012   

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Flat Branden Vacations in PR

My son, Branden, participated in the "Flat Stanley" project.

We decided that the best vacation would be for "Flat Branden" to travel to Puerto Rico and visit his Abu and Tete. It would only be the cost of a stamp instead of a plane ticket :-) "Flat Branden" arrived in Puerto Rico on April 3rd. Since this was a surprise visit, Abu and Tete enjoyed being able to tuck him in for the night and immediately started to plan his vacation on the island.... 
Keep reading and you will see just where "Flat Branden" ended up. Sure turned out to be an extremely fun experience for Abu and Tete.

Right away, Abu wanted to take "Flat Branden" to her job with her and show how handsome "Flat Branden" is. 

Abu works for a Home Care Nursing Home.  They took pictures to show “Flat Branden” was there. 

He even made it out unto the patio.

The next day they started their adventures by taking a tour of the in-land parts of Puerto Rico.  Woh, you can see so far away when standing and looking from a mountain.

They also traveled through different mountain roads to see an awesome water view from afar...

Abu and Tete wanted to give “Flat Branden” a tour of the white house, which is where the governor of Puerto Rico lives.  They couldn’t get in, but that didn’t stop them from taking a picture of him on front of the building.

San Juan seems to have a liking for flying kites.  “Flat Branden” was hanging out with a couple of kite flyers.

They visited the San Felipe del Morro Castle.

“Flat Branden” visited the beaches.  Couldn’t go to PR and not go to the beach, right?  Abu and Tete took him to “Del Escambron” beach and they walked the beach-front. 

Also on the sand along the water as they held hands.

It was awesome to be able to check out the sail boats sail by.

Then came time to see the cruise ship docking stations.
Tete showed “Flat Branden” where there was a pirate ship.

“Flat Branden”, Abu and Tete ran into a kindergarten class students who were out on a field trip of “Old San Juan”.  They asked if they could hang out with them during the trip and they said yes.

They were starving after all that touring and so into a Burger King they went in to eat.

By the end of the trip, Branden was so glad to be with his Abu and Tete that he climbed up a tree and wouldn’t come down because he didn’t want to leave them.

"Flat Branden" was such a great house guest that Abu took her time to write his teacher a very nice letter.

"My most sincere Thank You for allowing me to share and be a part of the beautiful things that can be done with my grandson, Branden.  As well as giving me the chance to take part given the distance.  I surely enjoyed this project to the MAX.
Hello students of Branden's kindergarten class, Flat Branden, that's me, went on an adventure to an island located in the Caribbean Sea called Puerto Rico.  My mommy's parents live there.  My Abu and Tete were very excited to take me many places.
Our adventures started as we visited the bay where all the cruise ships dock.  And as you can see the adventures went on from there.
Ramona Rosario"

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's time for a Baby Shower!

Yup, the A Homespun Affair release party has begun...  As you might have read before I am your local party girl and I am heading the Party Central section of the e-magazine called A Homespun Affair E-Magazine.  I will be featuring a new fantastic party each month, with instructions and how to's.
My sister, Cici, is co-hosting a baby shower with 2 other friends, Cristan and Stephanie, for Kathleen. Kathleen, is expecting a little boy very soon. They asked me to collaborate into the decorations and so here we are! Poor Kathleen has had a very rough pregnancy. She has had “morning” sickness that happens all day…. Eek!

Hosting a successful baby shower comes down to the planning and organization and if you’re a planner, you will make list, after list, after list. It’s just the thing to do when planning any successful event, in this case the baby shower, to help you stay in control during the baby shower party and ensure the mommy-to-be has the time of her life.

Make a baby shower "check list". Your items check list should be organized into the different categories “Two months before the Baby Shower”, “One month before the Baby Shower”, “Three weeks before the Baby Shower”, “Two weeks before the Baby Shower”, “One week before the Baby Shower”, “The day before the Baby Shower” and “The day of the Baby Shower”.

You can either order or make your own invitations. At least 8 weeks before your baby shower, you should be finalizing your baby shower guest list. After sending out the baby shower invitations if you have not received RSVPs from some invited guests, call those who have not yet responded. When you begin to look at baby shower invitations, remember that your invitations should match your theme, include its location, date, time, your phone number and the RSVP date (which should be about 7 days before the shower), would be nice to include a map to the event location. Send invitations five or six weeks before the event.

Invitation closed (My Graffico)

Invitation opened (My Graffico)

Now, on to the decorations and supplies. You're going to want to buy balloons, streamers and other decorations. If you are reading this, you’re probably thinking “who the heck buys decorations when I can make my own?” So, to work I went.

Banner (Designs on Cloud 9 and SVG Cuts)

Party favors (SVG Cuts)

The "How To" for these projects is included in the June edition.  If you haven't signed up yet be sure to check out A Homespun Affair blog and sign up to receive the E-mag into your e-mail every month.

On a side note, you will still need to buy the plates, napkins, cups and eating utensils. Oh! and don’t forget about the games and prizes… Cici???? 
"L'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle"
"The love that moves the sun and the other stars"